Our Homeowners Association was formed to provide for the long-term provision of governance, serving the purpose of maintaining property values for its owners.   The Developer established covenants on the property for the purpose of enhancing and protecting the value, desirability and attractiveness of the community. These Covenants run with the land (not the owner) and are binding on, and exist for, the benefit of all persons having title or interest in property within the community.  Click here to learn more…

There are three (3) associations at Sawgrass:

Sawgrass Condo Association:

These are the condo buildings, the landscape and sidewalks around them. The garages and multi-unit buildings are also Condo properties. The dumpsters are on Sawgrass Community property, but are the responsibility of the Condo Association.

Community Manager: HG Management  303-804-9800 support@hgmanage.com

Sawgrass at Plum Creek Community Association

Both the condos and townhomes are members of this division.

There are two divisions:

Recreation Division - includes the parking lots, swimming pool areas and much of the general grounds.

Townhome Division - includes the townhouse buildings and some of the ground areas.

Community Manager: PMI Pikes Peak  719-644-6846 office@pmipikespeak.com

Plum Creek North Master Association

This association includes the monument and grounds at the corner of Plum Creek Parkway and Emerald Drive.

Community Manager: Kim Maguire, Premier Property Management, LLC  303-904-9374 kim@premierpropmqmt.com

The Sawgrass at Plum Creek Community Association was incorporated as a Non-Profit Corporation in the State of Colorado.  Authority to operate the Association was given to a Board of Directors, elected by the members after the Period of Declarant Control.  The Board of Directors serves in a fiduciary relationship with the members and is obligated to make decisions according to the best interest of the community as a whole.  Board members are not permitted to make decisions that serve their individual purpose alone.  However, this fiduciary responsibility is also why the majority of decision-making for the organization (the association) is made by the Board.​ We hope that you will support and encourage your Board of Directors.  Their task is not insignificant!  Only their pay -- they are not compensated for their service to the community.   Board members give a great deal of their personal time to serve your community.  Give them a "thumbs up" whenever you get a chance to support and thank them for their service.

Our Management Team

Our Association is managed by the professional team at PMI Pikes Peak. PMI Pikes Peak is an Accredited Association Management Company, an accreditation held by few management companies nationwide. This accreditation speaks to PMI Pikes Peak's commitment to professional standards and accountability to its clients. You can reach them directly at (719) 644-6846.

The preferred method of communication is via e-mail.  E-mail provides a “audit trail” that assists the team in follow-up and clarity in understanding the issue you may need addressed.  You can most effectively communicate via e-mail at office@pmipikespeak.com.

The Board of Directors

The Board elects its officers annually.  The President of the Board is the presiding officer of the Board.  The Board utilizes the services and expertise of a Management Company, PMI Pikes Peak, to advise and guide the Board in its decision-making role and to carry out the day-to-day operations of the Association.


The Board meets quarterly to address the business needs of the Association.  Additional meetings may be called from time to time to address the responsibilities of the Board, which are defined in the Bylaws.  Details regarding scheduled meetings will be posted on the Events Calendar.

Our Assessments

Assessments are determined by the approved annual budget, with each Owner paying their proportionate share of the common expenses as outlined in the Declaration of Covenants.  Each month statements are sent to each owner notifying them of the account balance and amount due.  Assessments are to be paid monthly.  Owners have several options for making their assessment payments.  


Those interested in setting up AutoPay (ACH) payments can find the form online to sign up (click here). The ACH payment will be withdrawn from your bank account automatically on the first of each month (the due date of the assessment) and you don’t have to do anything else! 

If you prefer to pay by check, make the check out to "Sawgrass at Plum Creek HOA", note your account number or property address on the memo line and mail to:

Sawgrass at Plum Creek HOA c/o PMI PIkes Peak

965 Pico Point

Colorado Springs, CO 80905

One additional alternative is making payment online.  To do this, click on “Pay Now” on the home page or select "Log In" from the menu on the top of the page. You will be redirected to the Owners Access Portal, where online (debit card or credit card) payments can be processed. Your account details, balance and payment history will be available as well.  

Enjoying Your Pets in Our Community

The Association appreciates it residents picking up after their pet at the time of exercising them. Dogs need to be exercised rather than tethering to an area.  We realize that pets love to be out in the fresh air, but unattended pets present many potential issues, including (1) interaction with wildlife/pet safety, (2) boredom by the pet that results in nuisance barking, (3) tangling of the chain/lead that could harm the pet, and (4) damage to landscape.  

Part of the responsibility of pet ownership is being willing to provide for the exercise needs of your pet, and when our residents live in such close quarters with one another, we need to be sensitive to the impact that our pet has upon others.  There is a different level of tolerance between a "pet lover" and a "non-pet" person; neither are wrong -- they simply have differing appreciations for pets!  We want to be tolerant and respectful of both!

Let's be a pet-friendly community!  Balancing the needs of pets and respecting those who are not pet-enthusiasts is a delicate balance that we strive for.

Other Things You May Want to Know

  • Report maintenance issues as soon as you notice them; don’t leave them unreported or save them up for an annual maintenance report.

  • Front Range winds can be treacherous!  Secure items on your patio/deck so that the wind doesn’t blow them off.

  • The Association is responsible for acquiring copies of all unit leases.  If you rent out your unit, please provide the Association with a copy of your executed lease and make sure that the tenant is given copies of the governing documents.  It’s best if you have them sign for them to avoid any allegation of miscommunication should an issue arise.


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