Sawgrass at Plum Creek

Who Do I Call?

There are three (3) associations at Sawgrass. See below for information.

Sawgrass Condo Association:

These are the condo buildings, the landscape and sidewalks around them. The garages and multi-unit buildings are also Condo properties. The dumpsters are on Sawgrass Community property, but are the responsibility of the Condo Association.

Community Manager:

HG Management



Sawgrass at Plum Creek Community Association

Both the condos and townhomes are members of this division.

There are two divisions:

Recreation Division - includes the parking lots, swimming pool areas and much of the general grounds.

Townhome Division - includes the townhouse buildings and some of the ground areas.

Managed by:

5150 Community Management


Plum Creek North Master Association

This association includes the monument and grounds at the corner of Plum Creek Parkway and Emerald Drive

Community Manager:

Kim Maguire

Premier Property Management, LLC


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