Sawgrass at Plum Creek is a covenanted community. Our neighborhood is governed by a homeowner's association made up of volunteers - your neighbors, who also live in the community. Like you, we want to keep our neighborhood running smoothly and looking good in order to maintain a high quality of life and preserve the value of our homes. As a result, the neighborhood develops a community oriented atmosphere.

Who Do I Call?

There are three (3) associations at Sawgrass. See below for information.

Sawgrass Condo Association:

These are the condo buildings, the landscape and sidewalks around them. The garages and multi-unit buildings are also Condo properties. The dumpsters are on Sawgrass Community property, but are the responsibility of the Condo Association.

Community Manager:

HG Management


Sawgrass at Plum Creek Community Association

Both the condos and townhomes are members of this division.

There are two divisions:

Recreation Division - includes the parking lots, swimming pool areas and much of the general grounds.

Townhome Division - includes the townhouse buildings and some of the ground areas.

Community Managed By:

5150 Community Management


Plum Creek North Master Association

This association includes the monument and grounds at the corner of Plum Creek Parkway and Emerald Drive

Community Manager:

Kim Maguire

Premier Property Management, LLC



Exterior modifications need approval from the Architectural Review Committee. Please click here to download the Design Request Form. Once filled out you may email to 5150 Community Management.


Sawgrass at Plum Creek Community Map

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Please note snow zones and handicap parking spots:

If you park where it is labeled as a Snow Zone your car is at risk of being towed and/or having snow piled up behind your vehicle. 

Handicap parking spots are reserved for Handicap parking residents only. Unauthorized vehicles will be towed. 


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Firelane and Parking Information



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5150 Community Management